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Given the recent rash of school shootings in America, the 50 sovereign State Governments of this Union need to re-open their old mental asylums to deal with the apparent wave of psychotic/criminally insane individuals who carry out these evil acts.

Every single former mental asylum in each of the 50 States are still standing. Here in Florida we have 4 of them that are either empty, or have been renovated and re-purposed for use by other Florida government agencies.

It would be far cheaper and less costly in the long run to re-open and renovate one or two of these former asylums, then it would be to ignore the real issue that is driving these mass shootings which is mental health.

Guns are inanimate objects that can not kill people on their own. If guns are banned then these criminally insane people will resort to using explosives, cars, knives, fire, illegal firearms, or other methods to kill as many innocent people as possible. After all criminals and the criminally insane do not follow laws or gun bans.

Lets deal with the real issue behind these shootings which is the criminally insane population in America, that has been allowed to roam free for the past 50 years thanks to the Federal Empire who closed down the national mental asylum system back in the 1960's.

The madness must end, and it must end now!


Kevin Floyd

By supporting this petition you are taking a stand on the real issue behind the recent rash of mass shootings, which is a total absence of mental health asylums that can keep these criminally insane individuals off of the streets.

If the State of Connecticut had a functioning mental health asylum in place back in December then the Sandy Hook school shooting would've never taken place. The mother of the child gunman tried for years to find a mental health facility to take care of her son, and keep him off the streets, and unfortunately for the parents of those poor children the government ignored her cries for help.

Its easy to blame guns, which are inanimate objects. The purpose of this petition seeks to address the real culprit behind these shootings which are the criminally insane that are allowed to roam free.

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