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Adopt at least an Oak tree for at least 10 years...

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How this will help

ADOPT A TREE & watch it grow!!!

We send you a photo of your adopted tree every year for ten years

"Adopting a tree is a fun and easy way to help the environment. It also makes a unique, affordable and long-lasting gift or memorial. Keep track of your adopted tree's growth by receiving an emailed photo every year for ten years!"

When you adopt a tree:

Your tree will be planted in the midst of a forest on the slopes of Apusenii Mountain in Transylvania of Romania. Your tree will be cared for by the team of Apusenii Verzi horticulturists

1. We will plant a seedling in your name or in the name of a recipient you specify. We then photograph your tree and record its GPS location in our database. (There is also a possibility of adopting an existing tree... Ask for info)

2. We will mail you (or your recipient) an Adoption Certificate containing a picture of your tree as a seedling, plus the GPS coordinates of your adopted tree.

3. We will care for your adopted Oak tree as it grows through the years.

4. We will email you (or your recipient) pictures of your tree for 10 years as it grows, on each anniversary of its planting.

5. You become a friend and helper of the cause of NGO Apusenii Verzi

Photos of Oak Trees at Apusenii Verzi Sanctuary

Below are photos of Oak trees planted at Apusenii Verzi Sanctuary.

NOTE: Different Oak trees grow at different rates depending on light, nutrients, genetics and other factors. Also, some oak trees grow straighter and taller while others grow more outward or "bushier." 

What does it cost?

Each tree you adopt costs € 30,- (just € 3,- per year). This includes the planting, caring for, and nourishing of your adopted tree for ten years. In addition, we will be sending you photos of your adopted tree every year for ten years, plus your initial Certificate of Adoption.

                                      Follow the below easy step to adopt a tree

  1. I want to adopt an Oak Tree
  2. Send us an Email at [email protected] and we'll send you more information.
  3. Become an Oak Tree adoptive parent...and receive your Certificate of Adoption and a Certificate of Friend and Helper of the cause of NGO Apusenii Verzi

Why adopt a tree?

Adopting a tree is a great way to help the planet. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and exude oxygen. The carbon dioxide that trees absorb is sequestered by them for many decades. Trees in upland areas form a symbiotic relationship with rain and clouds and hold water on the land, leading to better water quality for everything downhill and better soil stability in the forests and stream beds. Trees act as habitat for birds, bats, and insects, and are part of a holistic native ecosystem.

In addition, adopting a tree is a great gift idea. It's a gift that keeps on giving, and your adoption certificate and ten years of pictures will be a potent reminder of that gift. Adopting a tree is also a superb way to celebrate a birth, or to commemorate the passing of a loved one.

If you have further questions, please email us at [email protected]


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