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Give as little as 5 for the needy street dogs of Ploiesti, Romania

This pledge closed about 6 years ago

How this will help

RSDP is launching this month a fun, exciting and easy way to help needy Romanian street dogs. We work under the principle that very little from very many can, in effect, do a lot of good.
We are happy to introduce the Gimme 5! campaign. As little as 5 dollars, euros, pounds, ron, can really go a long way here for the needy street animals. It's also a great way to show, with little money, that you support stray animals' cause and you really care.
So please support needy strays with as little as 5, to show you care.
Gimme 5! for sterilizations, for dog food, or for medical needs. It's up to you!

Gimme 5! Give a little to show your support for needy street dogs of Ploiesti, Romania. Thank you!
¬the RSDP team
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