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HELP get Animals Australia Animal Advocate as a guest on the ELLEN Show!

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Lyn White changed my life - let's get her on the Ellen show..

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Lyn White is a true Aussie hero. As an animal cruelty investigator she has witnessed the very worst of human nature and has gone where few would dare to tread - but she maintains an unshakable faith in the spirit of human kindness. Through her tireless advocacy she has inspired me to be a voice for animals. And I know I'm not alone!

Lyn received a record number of public nominations in the 2012 Australian of the Year Awards, and in 2011 was determined by The Age newspaper as the second most influential Victorian; voted by readers of as their Person of the Year; and named ABC Newsradio's Newsmaker of the Year. Her inspirational journey is a shining light for animals and people alike.

Ellen Degeneres will be in Australia in March for the very first time! I can think of no better ambassador, no-one more amazing or like-minded for her to meet than Lyn. If you agree, please like & share this page, tell Ellen (, and leave a comment about how Lyn has changed your life too!

Check out Lyn and Animals Australia's life-changing video, 'Make it Possible' -
Watch 'An Evening with Lyn White' -

Thank you, for the animals!


Dear Ellen..

Lyn White from Animals Australia has been a tireless advocate over many years for Animal Rights. Lyn has brought to the general public's attention acts of extreme cruelty. From LIVE EXPORT practises where animals are tortured to death in overseas Abbatoirs, the horror of the Puppy farms, Factory Farms, Animal testing and many other issues. 

Lyn White's personal and professional story is an amazing one. 

The message she takes to so many is amazing!

Lyn has helped to raise awareness about our attitudes, buying behaviours,  community responsibilities, our ethical and humane responsibility to lobby our (largely complacent) political parties, is one definetly worth sharing. When you air your show in Australia this year Lyn would make an ideal and interesting guest.

Lyn's is a story of commitment, honour, sacrifice, passion, discipline, integrity, ethics, compassion, humanity, belief, courage, intelligence and dedication - its for sure a story worth telling, and then re-telling. 

Please ELLEN consider having Lyn White as a guest on your show.

Thankyou so much..


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