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To: The Pakistani Government, The Pakistani Judiciary, The Iranian leadership, The Entire Muslim Ummah (Sunni/Shia), The Muslim World Leaders, The UN, The EU

We ask the Pakistani government to take decisive and immediate action, to arrest these known criminals and charge them through the legal process, we urge the judiciary and executive institutions to protect its Shias especially in Karachi, Hazara, Parachinar. We urge the international community to raise its voice against this injustice and urge the Pakistani government to take action against the criminals.

We the undersigned petition you to call an immediate halt and to take legal action against the horrific level of violence against Shias in Pakistan. Pakistan was created in 1947 with great sacrifices that envisaged a country of peace and security for all its citizens, regardless of race, sex or religious inclination. Shias may well be a minority in the global Muslim ummah, but in Pakistan they are the second largest majority after the Barelwi Sunnis. Despite this they do not have any voice in Parliament or in other key Institutions. There is no National strategy in place to stop the Shia persecution. Sectarianism has led to their being targeted and systematically murdered in the last few years. . The lawlessness in Pakistan caused by extremist fanatical Taliban-led criminals is running rampant. According to Amnesty International reports the Taliban accepted responsibility for the recent attacks on Shias.


Bint Zahra

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These killings attack the very foundations of Pakistan's sovereignty and cohesion.


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