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$10 donated
$190 more needed

This fundraiser closed about 1 year ago

Photos made (on 10 January 2013) at the small shelter (Adoption Center). Thanks to ROLDA supporters, dogs are protected from freezing ....thanks to people like you - they do not freeze to death. Our dogs are indoor, in cozy kennels, insulated. Each has his own warm blanket or a pile of straws where to cuddle. The water remains liquid in bowls while outside it's ice instantly.

When you visit this page:,com_dogadoptions/Itemid,84/view,dogadoptionslist/

You can select a dog name, click on it. You will learn more about the dog but also you will find a catalog with updated items from where you can choose from. Symbolic amounts are displayed so you can choose easily - some extra food (during winter time, when dogs are loosing more energy), a little helped offered for a dog coat, straws, or a visit to the vet (as dogs need regular treatments and vaccinations)

Thank you for all your support, compassion and trust!

Water pump freezed.
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