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Mission Statement: True healing care where the truth shall set you free! patient care as a viable reliable natural source for ailments Our mission is to also provide information and promote awareness on the benefits of medical cannabis, which may be one of the most effective modern medical resources available.. the use of it medically offers a unique opportunity for the treatment and prevention of a variety of diseases without the high costs of prescription drugs, dangerous side-effects or potential for overdose with taxiing effectives. prescriptions drug abuse and deaths are amongst its highest ever and the natural alternative that is frowned upon is due to lack of knowledge therefore our mission is to "Educate" about a plant that is so versatile that it can literally feed you, cloth you and shelter you. It's a non-toxic plant!

True Healing Care™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to separating the facts from fiction concerning the use of medicinal cannabis for the treatment/prevention of a wide variety of aliments as well as most forms of cancer and as an alternative to the toxic chemo treatment that studies have be proven to show is ineffective but is used anyway more or less for profit and for the purpose of truly healing or care for patients .

True Healing Care™is dedicated overall to providing invaluable information concerning some of the many uses of medical cannabis and it's other practical uses and separating the facts from fiction providing general information about the many proper uses of Cannabis as well other natural remedies to truly care for yourself. There are many different benefits to using cannabis as a reliable alternative to the otherwise chemically enhanced "products" and can essentially replace the majority of the "doctor recommended" pharmaceuticals patients are told to use for treatment especially those like chemo that are more detrimental the beneficial to you overall health. 

True Healing Care™ is dedicated to Cancer Awareness prevention, education, treatments and overall resources and support for friends, family, loved ones and oneself who may have, have lived died and survived this deadly disease that plagues us all. The vehicles that will drive this information will be in the form of the TRUTH™ magazine and will be delivered through the passions and individual expressions of Art. 

True Healing Care™ is not a cannabis activists organization. We don't not make judgment on what your purpose for consumption is, and or in what form or how much you use at any given time as long as you, do it responsibly. We (THC) care enough to simply relay information, provide help, support and resources pertaining to Cancer and your health overall by gathering truths that are relevant to us all when in need of and or providing True Healing Care™ to any and all who are in need.

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