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We petition Congress to resend ASFA and that every subsequent update and state supportive laws also be rescinded and replaced with the Child Welfare Act laws and statues.

The Adoption and Safe Families Act "ASFA", which is anti-family and focuses on adoption, and family separation, was enacted by Congress in 1997 to amend the 1980 Child Welfare Act, which is pro-family and focuses on family preservation and reunification. Today, in 2012, under ASFA's anti-family federally mandated policies, thousands of abuse cases nationwide, reveal a pattern of physical, sexual and emotional abuses, inflicted upon children who were taken away from their biological parents and put in the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS).

Congress has abandoned the preventive and reunification programs which focused on family preservation and child safety, in favor of ASFA's anti-family policies. Congress refuse to provide meaningful services to at risk families, and created financial incentives for CPS to prefer, foster child adoptions, over keeping families in tact. ASFA reimburses states for the costs of out-of-home foster care placements, but not for services provided to families within the home. Financial incentives and bonuses prompts CPS employees to work diligently to remove more children from their biological families there is no incentives for family preservation. HS/CPS receives federal funds for each child in their custody and the funding continues as long as children are out of their homes, DHS/CPS
loses this money if the child is returned home.

We request that congress implement new policies, procedures mandates and incentives through DHS/CPS that emphasize family preservation, as set fourth in the 1980 Child Welfare Act, which focused on family development and reunification.

We request that the funds being used to support ASFA's anti-family policies and incentives, now be used to fund pro-family policies designed to support "at risk families", by providing them with programs to teach them the tools they need to function in a healthy family unit as proposed in our DHS/CPS Guide for Federal and State Legislation Reforms.



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Foster care is a "market-driven adoption mill with children as the industry." DHS/CPS is not focused on the safety of the children who are being taken from thier parents and passed around in an...

Foster care is a "market-driven adoption mill with children as the industry." DHS/CPS is not focused on the safety of the children who are being taken from thier parents and passed around in an unmonitored, overcrowded foster care system so the state can collect money until the "child ages out" at 18 years old with no skills, education, biological family or future, and most of them have suffered horrendous emotional, physical and psychological abuse.

It costs tax payers $75,000-$100,000 per year to keep a child in foster care. Fraud, fabrication, withholding, destroying evidence, unnecessary termination of parental rights, and double-dipping are common; while the confidentiality clause hides the abuse of the children and protects the actions of the beneficiaries, this federally mandated system spends billions of tax payer dollars paying for ASFA contractor. Incentives to put children on more drugs per day involve additional funds and Medicaid.

DHS/CPS who claim to protect our children have been allowing them to be stolen, abused, maimed and killed in order to collect millions of dollars in adoption bonuses from the federal government. Children are in much greater danger in CPS custody than in imperfect homes.

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