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On the 24th of November youngster Rishi was headed towards his grandmother when three policemen ran towards him at the Hollands Spoor Railway Station - The Hague, The Netherlands.

Eye witnesses have declared that Rishi was shot in the neck when he turned around to face the police. There was no communication between the police and Rishi or whatsover before the deadly shot.

The local police department defamed the youngster by informing the media about so called criminal activities committed by the youngster in the past after his death. The local police department and the mayor deliberately tried to damage the youngster

The family of Rishi instantly told the media and the public prosecution department that the media publicity about the youngster were false and meant to slander and defame the youngster and his family.

The public prosecution department confirmed and rectified , at the request of the family, that the media publicity about the youngster were false and infamous.

The public prosecution fails to give clarity after 1 month on the shooting, even though there were 80 camera's on the railway station and various statements that Rishi was shot to death without even communicating with the police. The "research" on the shooting is being done by the Rijksrecherche, part of the public prosecution. There is no independent research-organisation in The Netherlands for such matters.

Please help us to sign this petition in order to bring justice to Rishi and his family.

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