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We are at the $4500+ mark that we have put into trying to get our pets home.  We have already paid $2000+ and have a balance of $2485.  We have not only this bill, but our attorney said for us to finish getting the cats shelter built, we have had to have that money too, on top of the money we need to raise for the civil lawsuit we have against the people behind the illegal seizure and murder of our cats in 2010 as well as the attorney for the trumped up charges of animal abuse.

We are only asking for help with the animals lawsuits and the shelter building fees not our own personal fees, nothing will be spent on me nor my husbands criminal case, all monies raised will go to the animals attorney and/or the rescue cats building.

All donations are tax deductible.  There is no amount too small, it all adds up.

We appreciate everyones support in our animals coming home, we have a hearing this month and this bill must be paid before the trial or the attorney will withdrawal from the case.

Thank you,

Samantha, Randell, Josh, Candace and Parker

and from all the animals you are trying to help us save.

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