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2013 marks the 20th Anniversary Year for ARTSPACE and Little Artshram and we have four seasonal themed events happening for our friends, family, and neighbors and we'd like to meet and welcome even more:

Here's an outline and breakdown of expenses that we are raising funds for in 2013:

Spring 2013-$7,700.00 is targeted for the Earth Day Parade costs. Beginning in late February we began offering our annual services as a puppet and mask-making "factory" creating new puppets and repairing the old for a fresh walk along the streets of Traverse City as we celebrate the 24th Annual Grand Traverse Earth Day Paradeon SATURDAY, APRIL 20th, 2013.  This year our puppet making and parade building took place at Blackbird Arts.  Preparations and collaborations are underway to make this the BEST Earth Day Parade ever in North West Michigan.

On May 5th we will join a world-wide celebration for International Permaculture Day, supporting special events and garden-farming happening all over the Grand Traverse Region with our "Sibling Organizations" and community!

Summer 2013- $1,800 is designated for materials/supplies and costs of the Summer Camps. We are scheduling three (3) weeks of permaculture Summer Camp for children and youth, 5 years and older, which will begin in Mid-June and continue being offered through August.  And partnering with O'k Puppet Theater and the Pretty Good Players for a 2-week Puppet Camp that will culminate in a puppet and mask performance at the Traverse City Film Fest Kid's Fest the first weekend in August!

Our camps are a creative, outdoor-as-much-as possible experiences focused on discovering the intelligence of nature at work, care-taking the Earth and giving something back, with an emphasis on puppetry, natural art, cooperative games and hands-on activities.

Late Summer or Early Fall 2013-$500 in work-trade and services is designated towards the support of the Michigan Permaculture Convergence  Little Artshram is pleased to announce to all Michigan-area permaculture friends, that we are working toward the objective of hosting the first Michigan-area Permaculture Convergence. We invite Michiganders and Mid-Western folk to participate in the initial brainstorming and planning to define this event, and to continue joining in on the process as it unfolds!

First-ever Michigan Permaculture Convergence:  The idea of this convergence is to offer a new community-building/community-training vision, We will select a site and invite the permaculture designers in the area to create a space for the event to showcase permaculture elements.

Winter 2013- In late November, we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary of being one of the MOST active and awesome "little" non-profits in Michigan with a "BIG Hairy Deal Pie-Social and Square Dance" Fun-raiser.  Please consider joining us as a sponsor and definitely as a guest! Stay posted for details and the final date tba.

We THANK YOU with depths of gratitude from our Little Artshram hearts, for your long-time consideration and support of our efforts and many successes in bringing folks of all ages together in all sorts of creative ways in our various adventures across the whole State of Michigan--or at least from Lansing to Traverse City! 


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