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Bronte wishes to thank everybody who has already signed this petition and those of you who might wrangle a few friends to sign in order to reach her goal of 10,000 - we are so close.  
On Saturday 26th January, Bronte delivered thousands of letters, emails and signatures from around the nation and across the world, to Colin Goddard (Virginia Tech survivor) following the MARCH ON WASHINGTON FOR GUN CONTROL rally in DC.  Colin, who now works for the Brady Campaign, has guaranteed delivery to the White House.  If you've been meaning to write a letter (or have your kids do so) it's not too late. We will continue to gratefully receive letters here - We are sharing letters and pictures here - LIKE this page to support Bronte and receive updates on our progress - Who is Bronte?  Bronte is no stranger to helping children in need. She was nominated for the 2012 International Children's Peace Prize for her efforts collecting 5,200 soft toys for children displaced by Typhoon Sendong in The Philippines (hundreds of which she delivered in person to kids living in tent cities). Last month, she collected more than 1,000 children's books to build the reading rooms of facilities in Los Angeles caring for homeless children. 300 of these were also sent to support the re-stocking of libraries lost to Sandy. 


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