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Hey family, friends, and coworkers!

We, Karen and Marc, have been living and working in Yangon, Myanmar for the last several months. We have been given this amazing opportunity due to our participation in Volunteers in Asia (VIA), a volunteer organization started in 1962 that helps create cross-cultural experiences between young Americans and the Asian community. This year, VIA is celebrating its 50th birthday with a fund drive to help support its volunteers. 

Living in Myanmar has been an indescribable experience. Whether traveling through the bustling streets of Yangon on the back of a line car, interacting with the inspiring and creative young thinkers of Myanmar, or catching late-night tea leaf salad down the block, We have been inundated with new sounds, smells, and experiences that we will cherish forever.

Karen has been working at Kant Kaw Education Centre (KKEC), a non-profit education NGO. She has been working with a group of college-aged students hailing from a diverse array of ethnic and religious groups throughout Myanmar, focusing on teaching critical thinking and civic education. You can read about some of Karen's experiences on her blog here. Marc has been teaching at Strategy First Institute, a business school dedicated to educating and empowering Myanmar young people as their country emerges on the global scene.

So what are we asking you to donate to?

The purpose of this fundraising drive is two-fold: providing volunteer scholarships, and funding volunteer initiatives.

VIA Volunteer Scholarships

We would not have been able to embark on this amazing journey were it not for the expertise, structure, and support provided by VIA. Your donation will expand the pool for scholarship dollars to allow more potential VIA volunteers to join VIA and participate in such amazing programs.

VIA Volunteer Projects

Many volunteers would like to undertake projects to support development in their host community. Your donation would also contribute to a new pool of funds which will be turned into seed fund micro-grants for volunteers to start their own initiatives. Marc hopes to use seed funds to create an English-language instructional video series available to all Myanmar people online. Karen hopes to host a career fair at her school to create sustainable links between her motivated, intelligent students and the non-profit sector.

We would like to achieve our goal for fundraising by the end of February, which is the end of this fund drive. I hope that you will help us by supporting VIA and the profound work that volunteers do. In return for your donation, you can receive the following lovely prizes:

•  If you donate $5 or more, you will get tagged in a Thank You video on facebook (or e-mailed to you if you're too cool for facebook) featuring Karen, Marc, and their awesome students.

•  If you donate $15, Karen will have her Burmese co-worker figure out your Myanmar name based on the day of the week you were born and your date of birth. For example, you may now refer to Karen as Lin Lin Khine because she was born on a Wednesday evening. 

•  If you donate $25, you will get a handwritten (or e-mailed for speed if preferred) thank you letter from one of Marc and Karen's students

•  If you donate $50, Marc and Karen will dress up in some really fancy Myanmar-style clothing and get hilarious professional photos done. The whole set of these will be sent to you via mail and/or e-mail. Check out Karen's Cambodian Bridal Photos to get some idea of the craziness we're talking about here folks. 

•  If we reach our overall goal of $500, we will post one of our photo shoot pictures and be eternally grateful to you all for your support! 


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