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Having visible and easily recognizable Safe Stop decals on store windows in the area will make the area safer and securer for our children, seniors, and other residents in the community. At the time of the program's induction in 2011 there were 77 Safe Stop locations in Brooklyn: 45 in Sunset Park, 19 in Williamsburg and 13 in Park Slope with plans to add more merchants in other neighborhoods.

The Safe Stop Program was created in August 2011 by Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes. It is an initiative that provides a safe place for youth, seniors and other area residents to go to access help and information in the case of an emergency. Merchants who decide to participate in Safe Stop display decals in their store windows letting the public know that they are a designated Safe Stop location. The participating merchants are trained by Executive Directors of neighborhood Business Improvement Districts (BID). They make public safety information from the District Attorney's Office and the Police Department available and refer non-emergency situations to the local District Attorney's Neighborhood Office. The merchants are directed to call 911 for emergencies that require immediate medical, police, or fire response.  The communities in this area were devastated by Hurricane Sandy; some residents still experience problems with malfunctioning elevators, utilities, and flooded basements. Moreover, the tragedy of Sandy Hook elementary school was another loud reminder that we have to act now to provide safety and security in our community. We want our children and seniors to know that they could turn somewhere in case of emergencies or in case someone threatens and follows them.   United and working together, we can establish Safe Stop program in Brighton Beach Avenue and Emmons Avenue, to provide safety and security to its children, seniors, and other residents. Please assist in bringing Safe Stop program to this area. 
Respectfully, Tatyana Segal CEC District 20 member January 8, 2013


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