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As the world faces the harmful consequences of single- use water bottles, Wachusett can start to make a difference. With at least 13 water bottle vending machines in our school we are seeing an increase of litter around the building and its surrounding ecosystems. The first step to moving away from Wachusett's dependence on plastic bottles is to stop the problem at its source. With a decreased number of vending machines around the school we will lessen our seen and unseen impact on the world around us. The second measure that we at Wachusett can take is to bring in and encourage the sale of reusable water bottles.

1.5 million tons of plastic are expended in the bottling of 89 billion liters of water each year (Did You Know, 2011).

Bottled water can legally contain harmful substances that are not allowed in tap water (Water: The Oil of the 21 st Century, 2008).

Roughly 90 universities have created a ban on bottled water (Banning the Bottle on Campus, 2012).
By signing this petition you can be the change and help Wachusett follow in the green footsteps of Concord, Mass and UVM with their plastic water bottle use reforms.


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