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Many good and single parents are harassed and threatened daily by DHS Workers caused by untrue accusations made. This Petition helps bring awareness to this ongoing problem. Department of Human Services (DHS) is suppose to protect families, not tear them apart. I have witnessed and experienced this problem first hand and fought it in court. It has been a devastating experience. Parents need support to stand up against "Bull Dog" DHS Workers who threaten to take children away! Stand up for Good Parents by signing this petition! I understand that DHS and or CPS should be involved when needed. However, they should back out of the situation when NOT needed. Being harassed by DHS workers is terrible. They use every little thing against parents. This petition is not directed to cases in which parents are terrible then Department of Human Services gets involved...I believe that is great when they help troubled parents get clean and sober.
I am a single mom who does not do drugs or drink. My daughter is well taken care of and DHS has no right controlling my life when they don't know me. They have passed judgement on the wrong parent. I believe they need to do research on the situation and person before passing out threats to take their children. Please feel free to share your stories and comments below after signing this petition against DHS workers taking children when it is not needed. Advice to parents who are in similar situation, Stay STRONG and gain support to help fight for your children.
By the way, I fought (still fighting) and still have full custody of my child. If you need any advice or support just ask. Thank-you!


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