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This petition is directed primarily to the Grays Harbor Port Authority as well as the County of Grays Harbor Washington to consider the possibility of the Satsop vertical Farm Group of converting (thereby recycling) one, or both of the never used nuclear cooling towers into the equipment of approximately 2,600 acres of growing space.

We also ask; that the Port Authority and the County support this project as a means of creating many new jobs and increasing the counties tax revenue.


Brian Knight

People should sign this petition; even if not a member of the Grays Harbor community because:

It will show our elected officials (all across our nation) that a large number of people are demanding that we start to look at new ways; new sciences; and new technology, in the realm of farming.

That we can bring a sustainable industry back into Grays Harbor; one that is green and works towards lessening the impact on the eco-system.

That we work towards; not only ending hunger in our own communities, but the possibility of hunger all around the world.

Because, we can become a leader in vertical farming; setting the example for all future vertical farming projects. Farmers; architects and scientists would flock to Grays Harbor to tour our facilities.

Because; we can make use of a symbol, often disliked by people all around the world, and turn it into something that all people would be proud of and can support.


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