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To: The People of America.

People of America,

People, I’m asking you to make ending, Ruddock Creek, Mining and Mineral Extraction in surrounding streams including Atahm's Lake Watershed and forests a top priority in your presidents, prime minister, and your premier's next term and future terms immemorial.

Ruddock Creek, Mineral Extraction in surrounding streams and forests, coal and diamond, gold and silver Mining remains one of the greatest environmental threats facing our country. More and more of the nation’s oldest watersheds both land and watersheds have already been destroyed and headwaters streams that feed major rivers and the drinking water supply of millions of Americans are polluted and destroyed every day that Mineral Extraction and Mineral Resource removal is allowed to continue.

President Obama,
When you introduced your science team in Dec. 2008, you committed your administration to making decisions based on science and facts. You told the American people, “it’s about listening to what our scientists have to say, even when it’s inconvenient — especially when it’s inconvenient."

Your administration has not yet lived up to your commitment to science-based decision-making when it comes to Mountaintop, Watershed Mineral Extraction, removal. Perhaps now is their Chance. O:)

For instance, the Army Corps of Engineers is not “listening to scientists” when it continues to issue permits for new mountaintop removal mines. In 2010, thirteen of the nation’s top stream biologists wrote in an article published in Science: “Clearly, current attempts to regulate [mountaintop removal mining] practices are inadequate. Mining permits are being issued despite the preponderance of scientific evidence that impacts are pervasive and irreversible and that mitigation cannot compensate for the losses.”

Since you were elected president, more than 20 studies have been published demonstrating the devastating impacts of mountaintop removal on the health and well-being of nearby residents. Your agencies have yet to act on these new scientific findings.

Mr. President, they are still blowing up mountains in Appalachia and citizens are still getting sick, dying prematurely, and living in poverty as a result. We need you to live up to your promise.

There are no more excuses, mountaintop removal and mineral extraction should be ended now.
I have takena few lines of this petition from an other petition to help move things along, perhaps it is a second chance that we all deserve, for now please America help one another, we have everybody to take care of... Share!


Tqeltkukpi Mawgcen Tla Neskynilh

Because, this is important to help keep the peace and to help the world earn the respect and a better future for one another, alike!

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