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To improve the sad condition of the "dog meat trade survivors"

This pledge closed almost 6 years ago

How this will help

dogs being snached and stolen from the streets and private households....crammed as many possible into small cages...bound to travel thousands of kilometer under terrible conditionen...approx 1000 dogs a month cross border from thailand to laos /vietnam to loose their live in slaughter places and open markets...skinned/boild/burned alive clubbed slowly to death,hung openly to suffercate to death...WHY ??? ther killers want the dogs to produce "adrenalin" to tenderize their meat ....
if one of them dogs-death-trucks are stoppt they will be taken to dogshelter ...sadly there the face further suffering many arrive injured and want get enough medical treatment ...and enough food...a shelter like KHEMMERAT holds 1500 dogs ...if not for "privat donators and helpers " they all would die in a sorrow so we try to help.......have a look mission in dez 2012 this is for food only)
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is our helping friendly organisation...on there paypal account just mark as the donating purpose  "THAILAND".....all donations go directly to our needs

PLEASE help us to continue our MISSION


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