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The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Recently, some pornographic images of young girls began circulating on the internet. This development has caused a lot of pain to families and other empathetic members of the community especially as the children involved are so young. Pornography is against the law in our country and it is disheartening to see how our youth are used and abused. There is no moral justification for a young person at the of 16 to be legally able to consent to sexual activity when apparently this is the only 'adult' activity they can be involved in. For every other 'adult' activity e.g. driving, voting, marriage, they have to wait to attain the age of 18. This puts a strain on the economy as the state is expected to provide support and other assistance when problems arise out of these liaisons. Sadly, the 16 year old who says yes to sex and becomes pregnant and requires a Ceasarian Section to save the life of mother and baby must rely on an adult, someone 18 or older to sign the authorisation form for the procedure to be performed. It is time to support our children in the right way and allow them to enjoy their childhood without thrusting on them some of the burdens of adulthood prematurely.
Please take the necessary steps to protect our children and discourage the perverts in our society who prey on them, inflicting emotional and other scars that they are unequipped to deal with.
Please reexamine the laws of the land and make the following changes where necessary:
1. Move the age of consent from 16 to 18.
2. Make it mandatory for health workers to report whenever a young woman conceives a child before the age of 18.
3. The State will take up these cases as they are reported.
4. A system be put in place to discourage victims/relatives from accepting any monetary deals to quash these matters.
5. The State will move forward with the actions even when those involved are reluctant to testify.
6. Every effort be made to expedite these cases as long time lapses lead to the undoing of all the good work.
7. Persons found guilty of sexual liaisons with a person under 18 be entered in a Sex Offenders Registry.


Delia Cuffy-Weekes

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If you feel strongly about the future of our nation and the abuse of our youth, especially young girls, please sign this petition.


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