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The City submitted its Application and Plans for the new pedestrian on the beaches of Long Beach path less than three weeks ago to the Coastal Commission and the City is asking staff to rush it to the Commission's January meeting.

The major concern about this new 3.1 mile path is that Plans show it being constructed seaward of the existing bike/pedestrian path and extending out 21 feet from what is now open sand on the ocean side of the current path. We believe any new path should be built inland from the existing path, nearer existing beach parking lots, the bluff and Ocean Blvd.

At the meetings conducted by Tidelands Capital Projects Program Manager Mr. Eric Lopez there has been general support of separating walkers and runners from bicyclists by building an additional pedestrian only path. (Plans show a ten-foot wide sand strip separating the two paths with an 11 foot wide pedestrian path made up of "resin based pavement" for a total width of 21 feet.)
But at some meetings there was also quite a bit of opposition to putting the new path on the ocean side - largely because it would take over a natural sand area now used by individuals and families enjoying the beach, swimmers, picnickers, kitesurfers, kids playing with kites, etc. In addition, there are concerns of erosion, global warming and projected sea level rise, and safety issues of pedestrians having to cross a 17 foot wide stream of bicycles to get to their path, etc.
If the new Pedestrian path is built inland from the existing path, the remaining open sandy beach nearest the ocean would be protected.
The only public outreach for this project was to various associations, the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Sustainability Commission (no position statements are shown). Mr. Lopez's presentations consisted of a general overview of the project without details as to the new path's specific location or impacts. The Plan did not go to the Planning Commission or City Council for public participation and review before it went to Coastal Commission. Mr. Lopez said the Council approved the funding a year or so ago, and apparently turned over planning of it to him and to Public Works.

The Plans were submitted to Coastal Commission on Nov. 16th. They show the City spending $5 million in Tidelands Funds on this project. Apparently the City's thinking is that the ocean side location is cheapest. But the Tidelands Funds can be found to do this project right for the long term. We are not convinced the plan submitted by the City is the cheapest and feel this project should be done in a way to protect as much as possible coastal resources and the sandy beach resources of the City.


Krisd Mauga

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LONG BEACH RESIDENTS- this is your concern...please help and sign. This petition is to request a change of an already approved boardwalk expansion. We are requesting they change the plan from...

LONG BEACH RESIDENTS- this is your concern...please help and sign. This petition is to request a change of an already approved boardwalk expansion. We are requesting they change the plan from expanding on the seaward side to the inland side due to erosion, sea level rise and public safety.
Please sign this to support the change of the pathway to be created/built on the inland side rather than the seaward side. This will help protect our land from unnatural erosion. It's a concern given global warming and sea level rising plus the protection of land and pedestrian safety.

*this petition is supported by the Surfrider Foundation


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