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Mr. Obama,
When I was a little girl and I woke up in the morning, I was excited to see my friends and write in my classroom journal. I had no worries, no fears. It was just our beautiful campus and our high-up monkey bars. It wasn't a dangerous place to be. Then, in 2007, during the Spring of third grade, Seung-Hui Cho killed thirty-two fellow students at his college. I remember being heart-broken for those people, and curiously asked my mother all about it. About why.

She didn't have a very clear explanation, but what I did remember was her saying to me, "That's why you be nice to everyone, so that they have no reason to hurt you. That way, if anybody tries to, you can say 'what did I ever do to you?'"

That made perfect sense to me, the idea that anything can be explained to somebody with words and anyone can be talked to reason. I was a very talkative kid. But the problem is, that's all I was, a kid. So many other incidents went right over my head. Of the five major shootings that occured between 2007 and 2009, I only remember the Seung-hui Cho shooting. I don't remember hearing of the other 44 people that died in those years because of those shootings, those are numbers that I was in awe and horror to find prior to writing this petition. Yet, there they were.

Mr.President, after the Denver theatre Shooting, learning of Columbine in school, and the Sandy Hook shooting, I don't wake up in the morning and feel excited and safe to go to school. I sit in my desk, and I stare at the doors and windows, and contemplate an escape route should anything go wrong. I smile at the troubled boys and girls and speak to them when they speak to me. I even wonder, would I be the girl to try and somehow stop the shooter? Would I be willing to die for my classmates? It's a social topic these days, as if everyone is expecting to turn around and face the barrel of a gun. I just wonder, if at fifteen years old, you ever had to ask yourself these things?

I don't believe that banning guns is the solution to gun violence, but the path to a vicious boom in the black market for the selling of illegal weapons, and in society for even more unarmed people. I don't want to live in a country where the only people with such dangerous weapons are the bad guys.

Moreover, I don't believe that arming teachers is the answer either. We think of teachers as safe people who care for and about us. But how well does anyone get to know their teachers? I've had teachers whose first names I didn't even know. I'm sure I've had teachers who have abused narcotics or been mentally unstable. How on Earth can we as students know that, or be expected to feel comfortable as we sit vulnerabley in our desks as someone we don't even know teaches us what we hope is accurate and carries a lethal weapon in their pocket? People could argue that teachers are just everyday folks, but I will always stand by what I know, that so were Patrick Edward Purdy, Mitchel Johnson, Andrew Golden, and Adam Lanza, before they did what they did, killed who they killed.

I'm not here, writing this to demand, command, or tell you what you must do to protect the people of the country that you love and stand for. I'm here to beg you, plead with you, and hope with every fiber of my being that what I say makes a difference, that we the people NEED protection. I sat at a dinner tonight and my grandmother said that what she thought was that we need protection. We need to see guards at school gates, not guns in staff pockets. We need to see weapons of defense, not weapons off the black market. I have never agreed with her more. We have soldiers to protect us, and now, the people are asking them to. Not overseas, but right here, at home, with the people who love them. I hope that you will hear us. We're calling over the boom of gunshots of the 248 victims of America's biggest gun massacres, and we're shouting "please protect us!"
Please, sir. Nobody wants to be living in the gun massacre era. Put a stop to it and put a start to public protection.


Abigail Young

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The biggest mass shootings in the U.S began in 1989 with Patrick Edward Purdy opening fire on an elementary school, killing five children, and injuring twenty-eight more, including one teacher....

The biggest mass shootings in the U.S began in 1989 with Patrick Edward Purdy opening fire on an elementary school, killing five children, and injuring twenty-eight more, including one teacher. This tragedy racked the country, which, despite its hopes that this would be the most they'd see of such a horror, was going to be facing twenty-nine massacres leading up to the current date.
The public is now insisting upon gun control, some going so far as to demand the banning of guns. As much as I would love a world where nobody had any guns, and everyone was safe of them, it's unrealistic. We are in desperate need of protection. It's the only way we can all feel safer. Giving teachers loaded guns is not the answer, but the path to a new problem. People believe that their students are safe with teachers, but do any of you know a single thing about your teachers? Their first name maybe, th name of their baby and their favorite color. How about the stability of their mind or whether or not they are abusing narcotics? We don't really know them. Giving hundreds of teachers loaded guns is bound to result in fatalities. You say that these teachers are every day folk? So was Adam Lanza before he went to Sandy Hook Elementary and killed 27 people, most of them small children. So was James Holmes when he interrupted Batman to kill twelve people and injury fifty-eight. 2012 held the most massacres in one year since 1989 with a record of six shootings. Sixty-one people died. Twenty-three were children. Children need protection at school, adults need protection at work, and EVERYONE needs protection so that they can know that if they sit down in a movie theater, they will walk out again. Please everyone, sign the petition, make our streets safe. End the gun massacre era!

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