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Spread the word about the "Choking Game", by educating others and getting at least three other frien

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On December 27, 2008, our youngest daughter, Jenny, lost her life to this terrible activity! Our lives were shattered because of this horrible loss! Although I have served on the school board, in our district, for the past 27 years, I knew nothing about this activity or other dangerous risk behaviors that our adolescents could be participating in, until that fateful day. Our family set up this cause, only a few days after Jenny's death, to educate others about the dangers of this activity. Our goal was to save at least one life. We know that goal has been reached, but will never know how many other lives have been saved because of this information-sharing. We hope you will use this page, as a tool, to educate others. We are looking for no recognition. We know that this is what Jenny would WANT us to do!
Coming soon, I will be adding information on other risk behaviors! Much information has been compiled, but I am working on purchasing a new laptop, to hold all of the new information (mine is old, and does not have the capacity to hold all of the new video clips). Over the past four years, my family has presented to thousands of people in our community and other communities throughout the state of Texas, and we hope, by adding additional information, we will continue to Educate to Eradicate this and other risk behaviors. Please join our cause, so that we can notify you, when the new information is ready to share!
It is the prayer of our family that this New Year will be a safe and happy one, for you and yours!


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