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Dear Bird Lovers:
I am a Pakistani American and know that American people have a good heart and care about the global flora and fauna. I am pleading to you to SAVE a tiny bird which is approaching near extinction. It is called a Houbara Bustard, which is native to Koh-i-Suleiman Mountain in Pakistan. It is a WWF protected species but the corrupt Zardari govt in Pakistan has issued 30 special hunting licenses to its friends, the Emirs and Sheiks of UAE and Saudi Arabia. They hunt this bird because they think its meat is an aprodisiac, as medical person, I can say that this is absolutely there is no truth to it.
Please my fellow lovers of birds, speak up for this tiny but beautiful bird. It cannot fight back. I believe you let others know. I am attaching a URL about this news from the Pakistani newspaper DAWN. Please SAVE THE HOUBARA BUSTARD from extinction. Pakistan economy cannot survive without $1.5 billion/Year US AID. Please ask your congressmen, senators, and call South Asia Desk at the US State Department. PLEASE SAVE TINY HOUBARA BUSTARD.

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