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Dear owners & corporate CEO's of the candy companies Skittles, Starburst & Jolly Ranchers,
we are submitting this petition of _________ signatures, not demanding, but rather to respectfully request your help in the fight against breast cancer, by turning your candy product wrappers pink for the month of October, which is (breast cancer awareness month). We can use all the help we can get. And with the proceeds donated by 3 of the most well known & respected candy companies in the world, it increases our fight ten fold. And the fact that you'd do it during the one month when candy sales and earnings are at their highest, is a true reflection to the caliber and integrity of men and woman that make your companies what they truly are,great!!! We sincerely thank you for your time and regards to our cause, God bless.


Ronnie James Haigler

A donation of a portion of the proceeds generated in any month by anyone of these major companies would be a substantial blow towards our fight, let alone all three of this companies during the largest candy sells  month of the year. Plus the publicity of any event these three companies merge together for especially with all their products promoting the cause and the fight, could be the blow we need to defeat this terrible foe. I do not believe in coincidences, the fact that Breast Cancer and Halloween are in the same month is fate. thankyou, God bless!

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