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Petition Against Facebook: (updated 01/06/2013)

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ATTENTION Facebook and Facebook Moderators: We the undersigned Facebook patrons/users are hereby notifying Facebook and Facebook Moderators that you are to cease and desist from using harassing notifications and threats of “ending or terminating” one’s Facebook “privileges” because of: (1) Frivolous complaints from those who are in a dispute with another Facebook patron who lodges frivolous complaints against the other. For Facebook does NOT investigate such complaints properly before acting upon posting such threats towards Facebook patrons. (2) End the practice of placing a “Friend” button on ALL Timeline pages or placing such “Add Friend/Friend” buttons on the right side, or “Search for “Friends” next to ALL post pages in efforts to end the “misperception” that these are a “FRIENDLY” button to use !! Please replace these “Friend/Add Friend” buttons with an ‘ask person to join your timeline and conversation’ with a “Join” button. People who do not wish to “join” may simply deny the request, and not “Penalize” Facebook Patrons for ‘asking’ any one person to “Join.” (3) Remove ALL “FLASHING” Ads that cause those who are afflicted with seizure disorders or who are prone to chronic severe Migraine Headaches, brought on by FLASHING lights and objects. This is an ADA “reasonable accommodations” request that you, Facebook, can and will be held legally and fully liable for if not corrected IMMEDIATELY (within 24-hours of posting this complaint). For Facebook is a PUBLIC service where the public is invited to participate. Therefore, Facebook is fully responsible to PROPERLY oversee your sponsors ads BEFORE allowing sponsors to place them on your patron’s Facebook pages. In lieu of not adhering to these three (3) demands and reasonable accommodations request, you, Facebook, shall be held fully and legally responsible for ALL attorney, court, out-of-pocket expenses, be it single or class-action lawsuit(s) held against Facebook. As you, Facebook, may also be held responsible for any and all hospital, doctor, and ambulance costs incurred, due to physical and/or mental damages caused by Facebook sponsor’s flashing ads, where Facebook allows such irresponsible practices. Please note that retaliation by Facebook against any Facebook User for composing or signing this complaint may be viewed as “retaliatory,” as Facebook may then be held legally responsible for, and could be fined by all state’s attorney generals and/or FCC. Just as all or any such retaliation by Facebook against Facebook patrons/users may result in discriminatory lawsuits, as mentioned in this complaint.


Cynthia L Dodge

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To end oppressive Facebook abusive chastising and retribution against Facebook Users and flashing ads.


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