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Hello friends and family. It is that time of year again…when right on the heels of Christmas comes my birthday! 44 this year.

Most of you know that I am currently getting my Masters of Social Work. Part of my schooling involves a practicum and for my practicum I have been working on something groundbreaking and close to my heart. The Interface Project ( is a website featuring brief video testimony from people living with intersex conditions courageously and candidly discussing how being intersex has shaped their lives. My testimony sits alongside others who all share a common goal: to end medically unnecessary, cosmetic surgeries on babies born intersexed. These surgeries scar individuals and families permanently.

A large part of stopping these cosmetic surgeries on babies born with intersex conditions requires greater visibility of people with intersex conditions. A quote from the documentary "Intersexion," "Intersex is not uncommon, it is just unheard of." The Interface Project aims to change that. 1 in 2000 children is born intersex. But why haven't you heard of it? Well, largely that is due to the shame and secrecy that is experienced by people with intersex conditions. When a child is born intersex many doctors advise terrified parents that surgery is a way to ensure a "normal" existence for their children. Often they are further instructed that their child need not know the true nature of their diagnosis. What we know from talking to hundreds of people who have had these surgeries is that it isn't true. The moment you look at a child and think, "The child is not good enough as they are, we need to fix them," is the exact moment that the child is saddled with shame and secrecy. And the surgeries, full of promise by doctors that the child will not lose function or sensitivity? We know that isn't true either. And yet, these surgeries continue.

Being part of the Interface Project is a privilege. Watching these extraordinary people find the courage to tell their stories so honestly and unflinchingly is as honor.

For my birthday, I ask for your support in continuing this work. I am asking for $44 or whatever you can afford to go to The Interface Project so that we can continue to bring these stories to the mainstream:
- So that babies born today and tomorrow won't have to endure what those of us who came before endured,
- So that those who came before can experience relief from the shame and secrecy that have charted the course of many of our lives.
- So more people will come to realize that, "No Body Is Shameful."

Thank you.

The Interface Project is fiscally sponsored by Advocates for Informed Choice (AIC), AIC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All donations to AIC are tax deductible. AIC's federal tax identification number is 27-2947576.


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