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Today's minor as classified by Juvenile Justice Act knows well to consume alcohol, tease, molest & rape women, rob a person, work, excel in IIT exams, sports - all good and bad. Their brain are more active when compared to old times. They are well aware of what is right and wrong and needs to be treated as a major.

We have witnessed many cases across country where minors are involved from theft to murder. Isn't it time to amend the Juventile Justice Act and reduce the age from 18 years to atleast 14 years.

Minor accused in Delhi Gang rape was 17 years 8 months old when committed the crime. Here is what he did...

According to the chargesheet filed by Delhi police, the youngest accused raped her twice and ripped off her intestines with his bare hands. He also suggested that the girl be thrown off the moving bus naked.

This is what will happen in coming days ahead "Section 2 (k) of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 defines juvenile as a boy who has not completed 18 years of age"

"According to the resent juvenile act, a minor can be kept only in a correction home and will receive maximum punishment up to three years"

Also we have an another important problem here.....
"Under the present law, the juvenile could be free in a few months, even if he gets the maximum three-year sentence. If he is held guilty after turning 18, he can't be kept in a correction home. But a juvenile who has turned 18 can't be transferred to jail since the law does not allow those tried under the Juvenile Justice Act to be kept in a jail meant for adults."

Our all efforts from Dec 17th till today will go in vain, if this accused is set free. This accused doesn't deserve to live anymore. Can this accused contribute to the society? Its a big NO.

So this petition is addressed to President & Prime Minister of India for considering the Juvenile as adult and demand death penalty and also amend the Juvenile Justice Act. Please act for late Ms. Jyoti Singh Pandey.


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