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Not spend another cent on Breast Cancer Research.

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I find it gut wrenching to know that so many folks acutally believe that a cure for breast cancer, or cancer of any kind, will ever be revealed. Considering the fact that over 6 billion dollars each year is spent on advertising campaigns, marketing, pink products, and more for JUST Breast Cancer, there is really no way of knowing exactly how much is raised. Though it is estimated to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars annually. People just keep giving and giving and...dying! I am sickened by this!
I have done extensive research and know that there ARE those who claim to have evidence of a cure. Not only are their claims rejected, scientists/doctors/whoever (especially in America) won't even test their theories and blacklist anyone who tries!
I vow from this day forward to no longer spend one more cent of my hard earned money on a lost cause. And please know that this in NO WAY means that I am dishonoring those who have fought the fight, are fighting the fight, or have lost the fight. This does not aim to discredit the cause...just the people/entities running it!
I am simply fed up with of the greed and manipulation at our expense...NO MORE PINK FOR ME!

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