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Since wolves were delisted from federal protection, 21 months ago, we have all repeatedly contacted our state, and federal representatives---telling them we want the wolf hunts to end, and wolves placed back on to the Endangered Species Act. To date, they have not heard us.

What would happen if we now brought our fight to rescue wolves to the first rung on the political ladder; you know, that DISTRICT CONGRESSMAN right in your neighborhood, who you elected and maybe even campaigned for?
Typically, District Congressmen are very accessible, interceding on the behalf of their constituents, availing themselves for all kinds of matters. These same District Congressmen visit your state capital, several times a week, and have direct conversations with the senators who represent your entire state, and direct conversations with those senators from your state who also represent you on Capitol Hill.
Could these local congressmen, in your backyard, become the direct messenger to the state and U.S. Senate for the voters who want the wolf massacre to stop?
You have the 'right' to make an appointment with your District Congressman; you have a right to sit down across the desk from him or her and ask him to take your grievances directly to the state capital.

Of course go fully prepared with the chronology of the unjust massacre of the gray wolves; go armed with graphic photographs (as mere words cannot describe what the wolves are enduring); go with a clear message that you as a citizen want the wolf hunts to cease and the wolf be placed back on the ESA. Tell your congressman that the brutal destruction of these iconic animals is interfering with your 'right to the pursuit of happiness', as you empathize, personally, with the suffering of the wolves. Tell your congressman that you are there because all of your contacts with the state and federal representatives have been ignored.

Remember it is a numbers game----what if most people actually did this---thousands of voters, all across the country, speaking up for wolves on a local level to their district congressman? If there was a great number of participants, our combined messages would surely reach the top of the political ladder.

How do you find out WHO your district congressman is? Here is how ---

Go to the home page for the United States House of Representatives ( Enter your full zip code in the "Find Your Representative by Zip" search box. Click on the underlined name to go to your representative's website. Click on "Add to Favorites" on your internet browser bar to save the link to your representative's website.

Read more: How to Find My Local Representative |

If you don't want to make an in-person appointment, at the very least, please consider writing to your District Congressman/woman, articulating all in a letter, and enclosing photographic evidence of your concerns.
While there, please give your thoughtful reasons for outlawing leg-hold, snare, and spring trapping the U.S.A. I will let you all know what happens when I sit down with my local district Congressman Greg Vitali !
We are always ready to hear your ideas on any and all strategies to stop the insanity!
Many howls.......


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