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Lisa's Story:
On February 18, 1992 our doorbell, rang. There were 2 policemen, a social worker, and a nurse carrying a baby. Lisa was born December 11, 1991 in Guatemala City. Her mother had made arrangements with an American woman to give her up in adoption. Unfortunately when she found out the adoption process took 6 months, she decided to take the baby out of the country illegally. She made it to Mexico but was caught in Tijuana. Lisa was taken from her and placed in custody and the deportation procedure began. The baby was put under the care of a refuge; we do not know what type of place it was or who ran it. Thought Lisa was born a healthy, during the ordeal she became sick and was treated at a Mexican hospital for acute meningitis.
Lisa was returned to Guatemala and placed in Casa Guatemala. She remained ill for several months which left her with irreversible neurological damage from the Haemophilus Meningitis which resulted in a diminished intellectual capacity. Soon after her arrival, the damage became noticeable. Years went by and despite her developmental disabilities, she continued to win the hearts of our volunteers who sympathized with her and give her special attention. This resulted in donations for a special school where she went for 6 in Guatemala City. Vacations were spent in Rio Dulce with other children her age. As time went by and Lisa became older, the special financial support dwindled and finally ceased. We could no longer afford to send her special school. At that point, she was moved permanently to Rio Dulce where she attended regular school. Even though the teachers, volunteers, and employees went out of their way to educate her and give her love and support, they were not trained to deal with a child who suffered from her condition.
Eventually a Spanish volunteer took the initiative to contact her family and friends to raise funds so that she could be moved to a specialized home where she would be looked after properly. Lisa was admitted to a neurological center in Guatemala City on July 22, 2010, where she has been cared for since. Casa Guatemala continues to visit her, take her on outings and covered her needs for clothing, shoes, and hygiene products.
The economic crisis in Spain has forced donors to decrease or discontinue their financial contributions and the monthly fees to the center that cares for Lisa are 2 months overdue and they are demanding payment. Casa Guatemala does not have the economic capacity to cover this payment or to commit to this kind of long term specialized care for her. But Casa Guatemala is not willing to stand by and have them turn her out to the streets. The Guatemalan government does not have facilities that can provide the kind of specialized care that Lisa needs. Because of her age, Lisa does not fit into any of their children's programs. We are appealing to the people that read her story to help this special girl who was abandoned to such a terrible fate when she was just a defenseless infant. Please help Lisa stay in this safe place by contributing to her care.
How can you help us cover Lisa´s needs? $500 USD will cover the monthly fee at the Home where she now lives; clothing, shoes, toiletries and monthly outings. We need to raise the $1000 payments are past due urgently and find donors who can commit to donations of any amount to cover the $5000 yearly cost of her ongoing care.
We are grateful to receive any donations, be it a one time or a monthly, small or large; everything counts! There is no such thing as a donation too small or too large! On behalf of Lisa, we thank you for your time and your help. Please share this with your friends and contacts.
If you would like additional information on Lisa and how you can help, send us an email to
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