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Dear Governor Cuomo, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Schumer

Mandate the Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods
We represent the Americans who enthusiastically support to require mandatory labeling of genetically modified (GM) foods. We want to be clear about our comprehensive labeling expectations, so they are not diluted by lobbyists for corporate interests.
Whether or not you care about eating genetically modified food, we all should have the right to know and choose what we put into our bodies. If genetically modified foods are not harmful, then corporations should have nothing to fear from labeling them. As Americans, part of our freedom is a right to informed consent.
It may take a lifetime to know whether any particular genetically modified organism is safe to eat. Pharmaceutical drugs are tested individually and so too must each genetically modified organism. They should be tested and considered independently not only for short-term, but for long-term effects.

“GM” or “Derived from GM”
All foods in which any single ingredient is intentionally or accidentally derived from genetically modified plants or animals must be labeled. (The European Union law provides a working example of this.)

“Fed” or “Injected”
In addition, all products derived from animals that have been fed GM feed or injected with GM hormones (such as rbGH) must also be labeled.

Now that the Codex Alimentarius Commission, which is composed of food safety regulators from over 100 countries, has adopted a guidance that prevents any country's food labeling policy from being legally challenged, let's work on making the labeling of GMO foods mandatory in New York and as well in the USA.
Prudence requires that we exercise the utmost caution in introducing any genetically modified organism into our food supply and into the environment as a whole. It is important to note that the negative effects of introducing pesticides and pharmaceuticals into our food supply and the environment within the last century are only now beginning to emerge.
Immediate Action
This issue has greater bipartisan support than perhaps any other campaign issue. We want to know which foods contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) now. Please announce that labeling GM food is a high priority, so we can have a choice! Please respect the freedom of Americans everywhere and our right to informed consent.

Dennis J. Ryan


Dennis Ryan

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How this will help

The main reason we want them labeled is that we see enough independent data to suggest possible health risks. We don't want to eat them but we can't know which foods they are in if they aren't...

The main reason we want them labeled is that we see enough independent data to suggest possible health risks. We don't want to eat them but we can't know which foods they are in if they aren't labeled. It's a basic consumer right we are asking for- given the conflicting data and our mistrust in an industry that has been proven to hide negative findings, we have the right to know what we are buying and putting in our children's mouths.

Much of the World Already Requires Labeling for Genetically Engineered Foods

50 countries with over 40% of the world's population already label genetically engineered foods, including the entire European Union. Even China labels genetically engineered foods. California should lead on this important issue. What do these countries know that we don't?

What's the issue? If they are so great, why not advertise them? Why does the industry that profits from them fight labeling so vehemently and put so many of their resources into keeping their presence in our foods a secret? Why are corporate rights continually given precedence over consumer rights?


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