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All Liverpudlians, scousers, Red men all over.

Bill Shankly said "At a football club, there's a holy trinity - the players, the manager and the supporters. Directors don't come into it. They are only there to sign the cheques".

First we were told that a new significantly expanded stadium was essential to our ability to compete for the best. Now we are told that to believe that a bigger stadium would lead to success is a fallacy.

Brendan Rodgers was promised full authority over transfers. Now that authority is undermined by ridiculously limited budgets. And we have to self-cannibalize - sell or loan out our own - in order to buy.

Even Rafael Benitez, the one man who could transform a team of average players into champions, was ignored by John Henry despite the fact that re-hiring the Spaniard maestro would have allowed FSG to spend little and get maximum reults. Why was this? Fear that Rafa would have been too honest a man and therefore a whistleblower?

Damien Commolli has revealed that Torres' oustre was what FSG WANTED, when the original plan was for Suarez to come in and partner Torres. Imagine what that would have been like. And why was Commolli sacked? Was it because he divulged the fact that hehad a list of prominent European names that were willing to sign for Liverpool? Was Kenny's sacking a smokescreen to divert our attention away from FSG's refusal to spend more?

Where were staff suddenyl terminated from their posts at LFC - including a medical staff?

Isn't FSG and John Henry way out of their league owning a massive club like Liverpool FC because of their inability to spend and compete for the best, something Henry said we COULD do?

FSG saved us from the brink of insolvency - true. But ANYONE purchasing the club would have had to repay all debts; thats part of the purchase price of the club.

Financial Fair Play rules are providing FSG with the right excuse NOT to spend. Just as they sacked King Kenny for the wrong reasons. Clever talk like "We seek a long term solution, not a quick fix" are all an attempt to mislead us into believing their intentions are genuine.

Do you think FSG and John Henry should continue to own a huge entity like LFC with their limited clout and financial resources?

I certainly think not.


James Junior

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We need to show our vehemence in seeking the best for the club. Not owners who just want LFC as an investment insurance because the British pound is still the strongest currency in the world.

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