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This provision in anti rape act is ambiguous, injustice and prima-facie mental bankruptcy!

Why a rapist under 18 is charge sheeted in Juvinile? A juvenile knows how to rape a woman but does a juvenile not feel her cries and tears? It must be noticed that he was with a gang of 5 other rapists. I challenge this ambiguous provision in the anti rape acts. Prima-Facie it appears to be passed with non-application of mind and wisdom.

What if all the rapists were under 18?
What if a women is forced to be raped by an under 18 person?

A sexual intercourse with an under-adult girl is considered "A Rape". Is it not mental bankruptcy that a rapist under 18, does sexual intercourse with an adult woman, is charge sheeted as juvenile, What more can be "Disrespect and Injustice to woman" by the Law itself?


Robert Vadra

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Dear All Fellow Indians,
Immediate attention requested on a sensitive issue that comes to my mind. I pray it may not happen, yet what if upon knowing the juvenile act in recent rape crime, some...

Dear All Fellow Indians,
Immediate attention requested on a sensitive issue that comes to my mind. I pray it may not happen, yet what if upon knowing the juvenile act in recent rape crime, some juvenile plans to rape? Are women a game, a toy for juvenile? Why should our teachers and lady doctors not refuse to teach / treat a juvenile then?

Though the teacher student relationship must not be viewed from that perspective, but we can't deny possibility of such heinous crime by some spoiled brat (a juvenile) or by juvenile son of a corrupt politician... I suspect that some corrupt politicians in their juvenile age may have abused the juvenile act, or may have encouraged their juvenile sons to do so (Go rape any woman before you grow above 18, we shall handle the rest). There is every possibility that a family member of a Police Officer, Media Person or a Judge may have been raped and exploited by a juvenile

And women who are often in close proximity to such juvenile i.e. Teachers, Doctors, College going women, Women Staff of a school or college etc. are under threat of rape by a juvenile.

Mission Dreams India appeals for an indefinite strike immediately and first of all appeals school college students including juveniles, teachers, staff, school / college management until an emergency session is called by the parliament for amendment in Anti Rape Acts / Acts for prevention of Crime against Women & Juvenile Acts. Men, juvenile students and school / college management are requested for a joint operation. All readers are requested to send this to the students and teachers in your circle.

This crippled system has forced me to suspect some mystery behind the statement by our Prime Minister himself, a father of three daughters:

Hazaar jawabon se achhi hai meri khamoshi,
Na jane kitne sawalon ki aabroo rakhe

Today, the lawless state of our crippled system has forced us to contemplate why our Prime Minister said so? I am afraid about some deeply afflicted wounds concealed behind these lines. Mission Dreams India apologizes if our fear is baseless. But our suspicion has a valid ground and it can't be denied. Mission Dreams India appeals to The Prime Minister to speak up the truth without any pressure:

Aise kaun se sawal hain jinki aabroo rakhne ke liye aap khaamosh hain

Though the common man cannot expect justice so easily, Mission Dreams India assures You of Justice within 30 days, because:

Toofan se pahle ki hai meri khamoshi
Na jane kitne jurmon ka hisab rakhe

Jai Hind
Mission Dreams India is neither an organization, nor a political party. It is a Mission, A Spirit that runs through the veins of Every Indian


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