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Mahamahim Rashtrapatiji,
Jai Jinendra!

We, a group of Jain people of India, wish to bring to your kind attention that
1. We are a peace loving community in minority in India and have always contributed to the nation positively. Mahatma Gandhi has credited his basic philosophy to influence of Jainism.
2. We are majorly a non-politically aspiring community and contribute in the national GDP through industries, business and commerce.
3. We have been pained in recent times due to attacks on our Muni Gan, places of worship, jain heritage sites and de-secretion of our religious symbols and idols.
4. Girnar in Junagadh was purchased by Jains from the erstwhile Junagarh Nawab and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was a witness to the deal. Girnar happens to be a “siddhakshetra” or one of the most sacred places for Jains, from where 22nd Tirthankar of Jainism, Bhagwan Neminath ( cousin of Lord Srikrishna) attained Nirvana. As the world celebrated new Year, the entire peace loving Jain community fell into sadness when around 6 pm on 1st jan, 2013, a digambar ascetic Muni Prabalsagarji maharaj was brutally attacked with knife four times and injured almost fatally by miscreants which include a mahant of an akhada illegally occupying the girnar hill, The akhada occupys the Hills despite court orders to Gujarat government to vacate them almost 8 years ago. Munishri in addition to losing his sainthood due to medical treatment, is in critical condition and struggling for life.
5. The whole Jain community is pained and alarmed due to this dastardly cowardly attack and heinous act of attempt to murder our living symbol of Tirthankar.
6. It is disgusting to note here that another organization from Rajasthan is giving rewards to kill Jain sadhu and sadhvis and many sadhu and sadhvi have met death in “palnned” and mysterious road accidents.
7. We no longer feel safe and fear our extinction in times to come in view of the attacks on our culture, heritage, sadhu, mandirs and encroachment on religious places like Girnar.
8. We as “jains” are educated and cultured people who contribute positively in the growth of the nation and are law abiding citizens of this land. We belong to a religion which believes in total non-violence and are followers inner gods and thrive of Non-violence, peace and brotherhood. We are a minority community in this country in many states and still contribute to a great extent in the economy of this nation.

We demand to initiate immediate corrective action, including

1. All culprits in this incident, must be arrested notwithstanding their religious or political influence and be dealt with severely.

2. All encroachment from all our religious places including Girnar must be removed immediately. We demand a national task force to be formed for the purpose.

3. The Jain Pilgrimage sites in general and Girnar hill in particular should be provided sufficient security to ensure Safety of pilgrims

4. All the non-jain encroachments and illegal occupants on the Jain Pilgrimage Places in general and Girnar in particular be removed immediately.

5. In Case of Girnar all the recent structures built on the fifth hill ( in last 50 years) be removed immediately.

6. Jains sadhus both Digambar ( Sky clad) as well as Shwetambar ( white clad) should have safe and secure right of way all across country. ( in some states like Tamilanadu , the sadhus are stoned.

7. Jains are in minority in India, it is a separate religion distinct from all other notified religions of India, so it be given Minority Status across India.

Respected Rashtrapatiji, we are law abiding citizen of sovereign India, or Bharat ( a name derived from a shilalekh from jain heritage site khandgiri , the site also is under attack by pandyas and illegal occupants who threaten, beat and manhandle Jain pilgrims) request your immediate intervention to direct the government of the day to save and secure minority community of India, under attack from many quarters.

Thanking you in anticipation and hoping for a prompt and sympathetic view,

Yours Truly,

“Jain” citizens of India


Mohit Jain

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