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HHR is very concerned about the menacing atmosphere which women and girls have to deal with in many countries. The recent brutal rape and murder of a 23 year old medical student in Delhi only brought to the fore the tip of a very large iceberg. While HHR shows solidarity with the ordinary citizens protesting this brutal sexually motivated homicide, both across India and indeed Britain, we are also determined that these crimes are not allowed to occur in the first place. This means the difficult task of uncovering the psychopathic mindset which believes that women and girls can be treated in such a manner. India is a growing economy and determined to enter the twenty-first century as a developed nation. This has meant rapid social changes now very much youth orientated with a burgeoning middle class influenced by fashion and especially music. As in western nations the youth emulate their celebrity heroes. But what if those celebrities are actually making sexually motivated crime not just acceptable but even cool and a rite of passage? Yo Yo Honey Singh is a self-styled star of gangsta Bhangra and Bollywood who openly exhorts such behaviour. In one his songs he openly brags about being a rapist. To the victims of rape not just in India, but the some 80,000 victims of this heinous crime in Britain itself, this is an insult of the most graphic proportions. Not only is he unsympathetic to rape victims but he openly identifies with rapists. Honey Singh is of course merely the tip of a much larger iceberg. In Bollywood itself the glorification of rape has become mainstream which would be disturbing in any case, but more so in a nation where its movie stars are regarded as royalty and role models to emulate. While freedom of speech is a precious right fought for over centuries at what point does it become irresponsible?

Ranbir Singh
Hindu Human Rights UK

Translation of the song "RAPIST"

A women came out in night boarded my bus but that night proved to be serious for her
I came from back removed her Saari Ripped apart her panties, opened my pants
Erected my p**is and raped her an**y

Because i…Because i…Because I am a rapist Because i…Because i… Because I am a rapist
Is her v**ina real or some canal My long thirty black di*k
She was a prostitute, just like her mother, she allowed me to rape her ho’oh ho’oh

Finally the bus stopped more travellers came
All put her eye on her she got scared, she jumped off the bus but all the people chased her
Because they…Because they…Because they…Because they all are rapists
Because they…Because they all are rapists

Rapists Rapists The one who ripped the p**ic hair Rapists
The one who spread AIDS Rapists
The women who can bear all the torture
RapistsBad people, bad playersRapists Oooooo Rapists

The original Punjabi Song:

Raat ko nikali naari hui gadi pe savaari par voh raat usko pad gayi bhari.
Peeche se aaya mainutari uski saarikachchi phadi l*ng gaadi aur g**nd maari.
Kyunki main……….Kyunki main……….Kyunki main hoon ek balatkari.Kyunki main……….
Kyunki main……….Kyunki main hoon balatkari.
Ch*t hai ke voh ya ek mayga naalal*nd mera lamba, pyaasa kaala randii thi voh, maa ki lodikarne di haan apni izzat chori. ho’oh ho’oh
aakhir mein ruki gaadi chadh gaye aur savaari aur sabne naari pe nazar maari
naai ki gaand phati bachch kar voh chhalang maari laykin peeche pad gayi paltan saari
Kyunki voh……….Kyunki voh……….Kyunki voh……….Kyunki voh……….
Kyunki voh……….Kyunki voh sab hain balatkariKyunki voh……….
Kyunki voh……….Kyunki voh sab hain balatkari
balatkari balatkari jisne sabki jaand phadi balatkari failayi aids jaise bimaari
balatkari kaise zun sah sakti hai naaribalatkari kanoon ko di hai badi supari balatkari gande log gande khiladi balatkari ooooooo balatkari


Amitabh Soni

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How this will help

Can an enlightened and civilised society accept music that promotes sexually motivated violence any more than hate lyrics that encourage racial attacks...

Can an enlightened and civilised society accept music that promotes sexually motivated violence any more than hate lyrics that encourage racial attacks and genocide? In both cases people are singled out by the lowest common denominator of biological determinism: that inescapable one deemed by birth. It is for that reason HHR is calling for Yo Honey Singh to be banned from Britain. Such a person is not conducive to a healthy democratic society in which gender equality and mutual respect if a core value. Sexually motivated violence leads to long-term physical and psychological damage, and in many cases as with the innocent lady on that private bus in Delhi, death by the most brutal and nauseating means. So for these reasons we request the British government to Ban all YO YO Honey Singh future performances.

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