Sign the Petition to I want someone to take heed to the problems UK homeless people face with a local connection problem.


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This petition is to help more UK and Great britian born residents have more say where they want to be rehoused in their own country.


DrGeebers ThePebbleman

I do believe many people in the UK do not understand how hard it is to be rehoused in the UK and no underprivledged person should have to go through hostels to be rehoused anywhere in the UK and miss out on having a real life. Many people suffer from illnesses and find it hard to cope on the streets. These people are priority cases. What about those who want to work and have a future yet cannot get a job because it is so exspensive to live in a hostel and work also. I know this for a fact and as an artist who busks with his art to survive should not have to go through these pain stacking moments either. So please sign this petition if you think more UK or Great Britian born people should be rehoused quicker in the UK.

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