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This is a burning issue among Jain people & Jain community in INDIA.Recently One Digmbar Jain Sadhu was injured by weapons at Junagadh-(Gujarat)-Like wise Fatal accidents are taking place even when Jain Sadhu walks keeping safe distance from the actual road & walks bare foot on the side of the road.-I suggest-(1)-Jain Sadhu/Sadhviji should wear a cap with REFLECTORs (stickers) so that from behind when light falls on, it will reflect it in RED signal.(2)-Vihar may be done on RAIL TRACT (As was in old days) rather than besides the Roads where some IDIOTS may hit them.(3)-Some people-Shravak-should accompany them may be half way in Vihar from both side.(4)-Jain Sadhu should NOT make VIHAR so early in darkness.! & should not agree to visit many places in a limited time !-"Time" Factor is a IMP factor, so Chaturvidh Sangh should ask them & guide them accordingly.(5)-Govt.Should help by making "Pag Dandi" for all Pedalers/walkers on both the side of roads which may give comforts & safety as well to bare foot walkers like Jain Sadhu.(6).Best Suggetion is to ask all Jain Sadhu/Sadhviji to walk on RIGHT side of the ROAD so that they can see forward & can prevent them from accident from BEHIND.!-(7)-Why Jain Sadhu/Sadhvi walks bare footed & do not use vehicle ? The reason is in OLD days when NO vehicle was available than just to remain kind to ANIMALS.Some Jain thinks this tradition has no value now ! So they should use vehicle !-(8)-Jain should stop spending large money behind many celebrations to avoid jelious atraction in the society.
All who read this may give their opinions & suggetions may be point wise. -Michchhami Dukkadam if Hurted.


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