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Support unemployed HIV&AIDS INDIVIDUALS by empowering them to generate an income

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AID My Journey-Support a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 093-243) based in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa aims to assist individuals living with the HI virus to empower themselves by generating an ongoing income to sustain their wellbeing.

Support our Skills Initiative Projects - sms the word 'THINK' to 38665 to donate R10.00

The Projects are namely;

1) Computer Skills Initiative
2) Training Support Group Facilitator

Sponsorship/Donations Welcome

FNB – Westville
Account Name AID My Journey Support
Account Type Cheque Account - (non-profit)
Account Number 6233 080 2712
Universal Br Code 250655

Account Name AID My Journey-Support
Account Type Savings - (non-profit)
Account Number 9266 809 550
Branch Code 632005 (Pinetown)

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