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Hello i am in the navy and am taking up this cause, could you help thanks
STS1 (SS) Penyak US Submarine force 1999- 2013
In America there is an unspoken oath that if you serve your country and give the ultimate sacrifice you will be placed in a place of honor and respect, in the Philippines this is not that case. This is hollowed ground that American blood fought on and died for. This is a black mark on the United States to all that have served and those that paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free, a freedom that we enjoy today due to the blood they shed. I know that times are hard and the government is spending money we do not have, but if we can send money all over the world to help people we should be able to spend money honoring our war dead.

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Raymond Penyak

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How this will help

it is the right thing to do and those that are in the graves gave there life for our freedom we enjoy today. it is the lest we can do for them.


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