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Contact my congressman, and tell them "We will not stand for our elderly Alzheimer's and Mentally

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Please take a personal stand! Here in NC , as of January 1, 2013, I personally know, as long as an Alzheimer or Mentally Challenged Patient can walk, feed himself, half-way dress himself, or make it to the toilet most of the time, Obama care law is denying them any further funding for housing in a nursing facility. It does not matter if they do not know their own name, or where they are, or if they are unsafe without constant supervision, or if they have a prognosis to soon become bed ridden: THEY ARE BEING KICKED OUT OF THEIR FACILITY! That is unless, their family can come up with the monthly cash to care for these poor people, who do not have a voice for themselves. The cost for a licensed care facility can be anywhere from three thousand dollars a month, to over a hundred thousand dollars a year, depending on the fee of where they were "fortunate enough to even find placement"! How many families can afford this? How many don't even have any family? Isn't it ironic, that when OUR United States Government wants to save money, so they pick on the the weakest of the weakest, and neediest of the most needy in OUR USA. It's so sad those who are unable mentally, to plan for themselves, or even understand what their needs are, are the ones OUR GOVERNMENT sends a coldhearted letter to, and tells them "YOU HAVE THIRTY DAYS TO GET OUT OF HERE AND FIND YOURSELF A NEW PLACE TO LIVE! I think EVERY PERSON WORKING IN OUR GOVERNMENT should have to be responsible of either an Alzheimer Patient or a Mentally Challenged Person for just "48 hours", and then they should take another vote on funding to take care of these precious people. "God, if you are listening, please open OUR GOVERNMENTS eyes in your gracious loving way, so they will realize what they have done......or if you want me to handle it, I am sure I can get a least one bus load of these affected people to take to these Officials home address or office, for a nice, long visit".

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