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Petzone Dog Rescue, a 501(c)(3) Private No-Kill shelter here in Athens. Our non-profit rescue shelter saves dogs from high kill shelters and animal control facilities in order to rescue the dogs from being euthanized. Too many animals needlessly die in these facilities when they run out of space or because they have simply been there too long.

So you ask, "what do you do?" The answer is: We then bring them to Petzone and make them our family, until we can find them the perfect family to adopt as their own. When they arrive we make sure that all their medical needs are attended to, get the dogs fully vaccinated and then spay/neuter them before putting them up for adoption.

Now our facility is set-up like a doggie day care and the dogs are usually kept in packs so they have friends to play with. Once a dog arrives at Petzone they stays here until a suitable home is found, no matter how long it takes!!!

Our facility has an adoption center, low cost spay/neuter clinic and vaccines, full service grooming and a thrift shop, all in one place! Check us out on Facebook or visit our website for detailed information.


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