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Ask my local library if I can read the current copy of the Scots Independent newspaper

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The Scots Independent sends a copy each month, free of charge, to every local council library in Scotland. Many are very good at displaying the paper. However we have had feedback of it not being available in certain areas. This is due to a political decision being taken by some local councils.
We note that they display the New Statesman at a cost to the coucil taxpayer of £182 for a year's subscription. Our paper is free.
We need your help to find out which libraries display the paper and which don't. The ones who don't are suppressing your freedom to access literature made available for you. There is a librarians' code of practice which does not allow them to discriminate on poitical grounds.
We would therefore like you to let us know whether or not the paper is on display in your library. Please contact [email protected] so we can collate a database for further action.

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