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Indian music lovers

As an Indian music lover I don't want honey singh to be banned.He is one and only Indian rapper,exceptionally talented.I've been listening his songs since International villagers and I've thoroughly enjoyed.In spite of piracy and Bollywood music's dominance he has created a niche for himself very quickly.I want him to keep on giving fresh and great rap music.

In the aftermath of Delhi gang rape cases some people are campaigning against him,blaming him for glorifying rape(in his early songs).

My take:-If any of his song is unlawful,unethical,promotes misogany,ban that song not the artist.Apart from these songs he has given many catchy,innovative songs.We shouldn't ban creativity.


Abhishek Sharma

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If you want that creativity and innovativeness which is rare in India,shouldn't be banned.Please sign the petition.

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