Sign the Petition to Anyone who has a Heart for the freedom-loving People in Tibet

The Tibetans living in Harmony,Compassion and Empathy with Nature and Animals.

Solidarity with this peaceful, freedom-loving People in Tibet.
We are for free People in a free Tibet.
We are for Relgious- Freedom without Reprisal and Discrimination.
We want to support People living in Harmony with Animals.


Libre Nonhumans

I'm for free People in a free Tibet. This Culture needs our Voice. I want to show my Solidarity. Before I die I want to see a free Tibet! __________________________________________________________________________ Photos from ___________________________________________________________________________ Share and Sign Petitiones, in all Languages, for Animals in Emergency on the new FB-Group:


Top RecruitersClaus-d Blessmann 20Penny Singleton 17Agnieszka Nowinska 15Gheorghiu Mihaela 14Victor Nogueira 14Manon Vachez 13Erika Mikaelsson 13Andrey Vasilyev 13Sofia Sachiko Simoncelli 12Sakura Paia 12Claudio Jankowski 11Mariluz Garrido Garcia 11Lynda Kosowan 11Jackie Miller 11Philip von Knorring 11Iren Raykova 11Girisho Greta Adam 11Retze Siebren Koen 11Darren Jan Sutton 11Hans Mortensen 11


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