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Support Cures in the New Year!

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How this will help

There are 7,000 rare diseases, 30 million Americans suffer from a rare disease and 50% of those Americans are children. Of those children only a third will live to see their 5th Birthday.

Here's how you can help us find Cures in the New Year:

-Make a donation to your disease organization of choice.
-For Sanfilippo type C you can donate at or

-Make your FB profile picture of your loved one suffering from a rare disease.
-Tell your FB friends why you changed your profile picture.
-Don't have a picture, feel free to use our heart collage. Download from JJB's FB page.
-Suggest where they can go to donate to your cause.

-Celebrate World Rare Disease Day with us on February 28th 2013.
-JJB will be hosting a MeetUp on January 6th in Brooklyn to discuss our World Rare Disease Day- Flash Mob.
-Host your own Rare Disease Day event. To RSVP to JJB's MeetUp or for a MeetUp in your area check out.

-Help us fight for faster cures, join the Rare Disease Legislative Advocates mailing list and get ready to write your representatives.
- Join JJB's mailing list to find out what we're doing to drive faster cures.

Hoping for a Cure in the New Year,

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