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Our Founders fired a "shot heard round the world" leading to a Declaration of Independence, a Revolution, a Constitution and the launching of a uniquely free and noble Nation. In contrast, our current Congress and Administraton seem to have difficulty just navigating around the Potomac between the "shorelines" of: doing right for the Nation vs. getting re-elected.

But as the Founders knew, it's the job of we Citizens to monitor our government Representatives and help them stay aware of our true needs - - without getting distracted by the minutiae of how much water our toilets need per flush … or which light bulbs to put in our lamps.

This Petition seeks to shake Congress from the minutia of whether to raise taxes on Citizens making more than $250k vs $400k vs $1M per year. Citizens should note that even with the higher-population $250k group, the added tax income would only support about 2-3% of the gov't yearly operating cost. But our Entitlement Programs, which over several decades have been absorbing more and more of our Nation's budget, are barely discussed. Moreover the projected growth of Entitlements is the biggest irritant to balancing the budget right now and more so for future decades. Additionally, our current "Unfunded Liabilities" are 3 times the size of our $16T current Debt, which itself is about 4 times the size of our annual spending. SO … National attention is rivited on a "small change" tax matter that is (100/3) * 3 *4 = 400 times less compelling than the true National threat of Entitlement sprawl. Seems pretty DUMB. Perhaps that is because, our Senate - - "the world's greatest deliberative body" has failed to deliberate on or to pass a Federal Budget in 3+ years.

This Petition gives a summary of some further details which argue that we must worry about our SPENDING, not waste the Nation's efforts on new, complicated tax schemes to redistribute National wealth. The Tax code already contains 75,000 pages of unintelligible rules. Shouldn't our government find something more useful to do, e.g., enhance our private sector's ability to grow America's manufacturing, innovation, employment and education prospects?

Please read this Petition and if you agree, please sign it and/or send your own copy to your State Senators and Congressperson.

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