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Nigeria Government

Corruption has eating deep into Nigeria system that the government is not ready to help save our innocent girls from becoming "SEX SLAVES" around the globe.
If as many as 50,000 persons could sign this petition, the world would come to our rescue and challenge Nigeria government to do something to rescue our future mothers, wives, and especially future generation regain their sanity.
It is a shameful thing that, whenever the world wants to comment or say something concerning prostitution, all fingers are pointed at Nigeria.
Every dick and harry of Europe especially Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Greece, and the whole of North Africa.
You'll see Nigerian girls on the street hawking their pride/dignity in exchange for money as they use poverty back home as their main excuse.
Many of them have died in the hands of hooligans on the street of Europe.
Many of them can not put pen to paper in this modern/computer age.... They abandoned education for prostitution !

The worst part of the story is their parents.... They ignorantly allowing their wards to scout around for madam/sponsor to smuggle them away for prostitution.

Signing this petition will go a very long way as the world shall challenge Nigeria government if 50,000 people could sign this petition...!

"Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it... Right is right ever if only you are doing it"


Otunba Olumide Sose

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How this will help

We should sign this petition to alert the world to help challenge Nigeria government, our girls are dying cheaply on the street of Europe.

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