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Canada, Provincial and Federal Justice Department on Family Laws

Native mothers are legally marginalized in family courts.
Case planning by non-native professionals are racist, bias, and discriminatory, removing ethnicity, spirituality, psychological health & wellness, language, culture and traditions that native children require.

Campaign to Remove Racism in Family Courts: Reconciliation and Resolution for Child Welfare Act's within each Province.

The Federal Government to be held Accountable for the continued cultural genocide of Native Children taking place by Child and Family Services and Family Courts across Canada.

Remove all Child and Family Service workers who neglect a native child's ethnicity during case-planning within all Provinces of Canada because of the serious long-term and negative impact on native children and their ethnicity and cultural heritage.

Huy Ch Qu Sharon Lewis...please support and sign.


Sharon Jimmy-Swustesia

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to remove legislated racism from Child Welfare Acts of Canada and Provincial Family Laws and Adversarial Court Process toward native mothers.


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