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The State of South Carolina

At 14 years old George Stinney Jr. was executed (via electrocution) for a crime that he did not commit. He was coerced into confessing to murder and was rushed unjustly through the system straight to the electric chair.

His trial from jury selection to sentencing only last one day. During that trial no evidence was presented, and the attorney that was assigned to defend Stinney was a tax attorney, who never called a witness, (not even George) and never cross examined any of the prosecutions witness; in fact his only statement was during his closing remarks, when he said in Stinney's defense that at 14 he was to young to be tried as an adult, even though as an attorney in the state at the time he would have know that a 14 year was considered to be an adult.

The whole case stinks of cover up and fact that this young boy happened to be black, while it has some bearing on the case, is not the sole reason that this is a travesty of justice. It is a travesty of just, because three children were murdered. The two girls were murdered by an unknown assailant (at least to us) and George Stinney was murdered by the state of South Carolina. But George, unlike the girls was murdered to cover for the person that actually committed the crime. Then the official in the state, and county governments used this for political gain.

What makes this worst is that South Carolina (to date) knows that what happened was wrong, but still refuses to change the outcome.

So this petition is to demand that the state of South Carolina reexamine the merits and lack of evidence in this case and exonerate George Stinney Junior.

But this is a shot across the bow; we want their attention. Because if they do not respond to the petition, then we are prepared to file suit against the state of South Carolina on behalf the Stinney family, requesting, first and foremost, an apology.

But second, we are prepared to file suits against the state claiming both "Wrongful Death and Criminal Negligence," alleging that this was the premeditated attempt by some elect officials of the state to cover for the real perpetrator and to that end, we will except nothing less than the complete exoneration of George Stinney Jr.

But, we need your help and support. We have an opportunity and a moral obligation to right this wrong and there are two ways that you can help.

1. Sign our petition (we want one million signatures); and
2. If you are so moved; make a donation @ (of any amount) to go to the Redeem George Stinney Legal fund.

Your signatures are more powerful than any weapon and all monies raised will be used for this effort. Because we are partnered with Kingdom Community Development Corporation (a 501c3), your contributions will be 100% tax-deductible.

You are welcomed to visit and for more information about the company. I will, also, gladly welcome any direct questions regarding this endeavor and updates will be made periodically.

Thank you for you consideration.



Ray-Kim Brown

This petition closed almost 3 years ago

How this will help

You should sign this petition because what happened to this young boy was wrong. George Stinney Jr. was in the history of the United States, the youngest to be executed in the 20th century. He is...

You should sign this petition because what happened to this young boy was wrong. George Stinney Jr. was in the history of the United States, the youngest to be executed in the 20th century. He is a part of our history that has been forgotten and ignored. So I am asking that you stand with as we work to redeem his name. If not for the sake of correcting history, then sign it for the sake right. 

Visit the following links for other ways you can offer your support: 
Join us on Facebook at Help us by contributing to the Redeem George Stinney Legal fund @; or 


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